Leader in Illinois - Wisconsin for Bulk Water Delivery Services

The Waterman is the leading Illinois bulk water supplier providing water supply services such as swimming pool water supply, pond water supply, potable drinking water supply, landscape irrigation supply, and construction site water supply throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The Waterman has locations in both Milwaukee, WI and Fox Lake, IL.

The Waterman is equipped with some of the most experienced dispatchers who are utilizing one of the most technically advanced electronic systems for proficient bulk water delivery scheduling. Late evening or early morning, don’t hesitate to call. Our dispatchers are conveniently on duty 24 hours a day to set up bulk water delivery appointments. Our dispatchers are able to calculate the amount of water required for your swimming pool and provide you with a quote accordingly.  

All our drivers, dispatchers and staff are equipped with Nextel phones allowing instant communication via the two-way radio feature. The Waterman also offers this instant communication option for customers equipped with Nextel phones conveniently allowing instant contact with our dispatchers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this feature and we will be glad to assist you.

Bulk water delivery truck The WatermanThe Waterman is equipped with 18 full size tankers each equipped with 500 feet of 4 inch hose and one 28' short tanker we call "Squirt.” Our Wisconsin water trucks are capable of holding up to 6,500 gallons. The Department of Transportation prohibits our trucks from carrying over 72,000 GVWR in Illinois, limiting our Illinois trucks to only 5,000 gallons.